Babies with Down Syndrome


“This book was originally published in 1985 because so little accurate and positive information on Down syndrome was available. Revised for the first time in 13 years and featuring four new chapter authors, it covers information that will be most helpful for families with children from birth to age five. Including the experiences and advice of parents, this should be one of the first books parents read upon receiving their child’s diagnosis. The contributors, educators, medical professionals, adults with Down syndrome, and, primarily, parents of children with Down syndrome, along with editor Skallerup, mother of a child with Down syndrome, define Down syndrome and discuss adjusting to your baby, medical concerns and treatments (for example, 40 to 60 percent have some type of heart defect), daily care, family life, postnatal development, the importance of early intervention, and legal rights and hurdles. Highly recommended for parenting collections in public libraries.”
-Library Journal

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