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LDSA exists to advocate and engage with community partners, stakeholders, and the greater community at large to promote dignity, equal rights and a better life for all persons with Down Syndrome. We offer a range of programs and services to our community.

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Wee Ones Play Group

Ages 0-10

These casual, monthly play dates are for children with Down Syndrome aged 0-10 years, and their families. During winter we meet at the Westmount Family Centre (Ontario Early Years Centre), in the summer at local parks & splash-pads. A great opportunity to meet other LDSA parents.

Camp Talk About It

Ages 5-15

LDSA, in collaboration with Liz MacKinnon of Rejuvenate Health Services developed this program, which offers intensive speech therapy in a fun and enjoyable format. It runs in sessions of 3 hours, once a week for 8 weeks, for different age groups.

Talk Back

Ages 13-17, 18+

Developed in 2016 with longstanding program provider, Rejuvenate Health Services, this program offers communication and social skills to individuals with Down Syndrome in two separate age groups currently 13 – 17, and 18+. This program is offered twice per year, fall and spring.

Cooking School

Ages 13+

The cooking school teaches nutrition, healthy eating, shopping tips, hygiene and safe kitchen practices. Participants work together to prepare & then enjoy the meal they made!

Music Therapy

Ages 0-15

Developed in 2012, the popular program is taught by Kim Allred, who has her Honours Bachelor of Music and Masters in Music Therapy from Wilfrid Laurier University. Kim has a passion for Music and the profession. Sessions are held spring and fall for three age groups, birth to 15.

Camp 21

Ages 8-18

A three-week summer camp, offered in collaboration with Liz MacKinnon of Rejuvenate Health Services. Kids play games, do crafts, participate in science, fitness, music, cooking, karate and social interaction with fellow campers. Staffed by accredited professionals skilled in the area of special needs.

Golf Lessons

Ages 15+

Developed in 2017 along with the Fanshawe Golf Coaches School, this program teaches golf skills in a fun and interactive manner to those with Down Syndrome, aged 15+.


Many of our members enjoy several types of sports at differing levels, with great success. The LDSA has created, and also has members involved in many different sports associations. We have highlighted a few associations below, but this is by no means all that is available. If you know of a particular association that specializes in or accommodates people with special needs, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to promote them here as well. People with Down Syndrome may be, but are not always, limited in certain physical activities. It is advisable that you consult a medical professional before pursuing sports activities.